Anthony Bourdain: The Most Authentic Man In The World

  By Abraham Torres and Cheryl Diaz Anthony Bourdain normalized the rest of the world to U.S audiences. He sat down in small kitchens, indigenous communities, African villages in the middle of faraway jungles, by fire pits, on wooden planked single-rooms, with a … Continue reading

Tonight on PBS: Portrait of a Social Justice Icon Dolores Huerta

Tonight on PBS: Portrait of a Social Justice Icon Dolores Huerta

Tonight on PBS! “Dolores”, the documentary.   Rebel, Feminist, Activist, Champion of the Poor. She will out-stand you at protest. She will out-walk you at a march, and she will out-dance you on the dance floor. When you need a break, she’s … Continue reading

Women’s History Month: Dr. Helen Caldicott

Women’s History Month: Dr. Helen Caldicott

A Woman You Need To Know Dr. Helen Caldicott was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, the Smithsonian Institute named her one of the most influential women of the 20th Century and history will show that her anti-nuclear … Continue reading

The Night I Met Jesus in West Hollywood: We Broke Bread, He Walked Me Home and Healed My Back

I’m not religious, but I found Jesus—on the corner of Robertson Boulevard and Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood in front of Cecconi’s Restaurant. It was a warm summer evening and we were taking a stroll, talking about the uniqueness of … Continue reading

First Trump Came for Mexicans, but I Didn’t Speak Up Because I Wasn’t Mexican. Then They Came for Me — and by That Time, No One was Left to Speak Up

This poster was purchased at Revolution Books on Durant and Telegraph in Berkeley, and I had it on my wall throughout college. I suppose I was attracted to message because I am a journalist and a writer, so it’s fundamental … Continue reading

Happy Cesar Chavez Day! A Day of Service.

Think Different. Change the World. Cesar Chavez Day.   Through his work, along with fellow labor leader, Dolores Huerta, and the countless others who were part of the United Farm Workers‘ struggle, Cesar Chavez brought international awareness of the unfair wages and … Continue reading

Tragedy in Paris: Where to go from here

A Light in the Darkness The French flag over the Seine We have so many grand memories of France and, as such, have felt the effects of last night’s violence in Paris. We have traveled the entire country of France … Continue reading

A Real-Life Hero: Remembering My Uncle On Veteran’s Day

Remembering my uncle, Manuel Diaz, on Veterans Day. Above, Manuel Diaz formally receives his Bronze Star for exemplary Army ground combat at his belated presentation ceremony in Los Alamitos, California, in 2009 — 60 years after it was handed to … Continue reading

The Changing of the Guard: Women taking a page out of Playboy’s playbook

Last week The Economist published (along with the rest of the world) an article about Playboy magazine’s decision to end nude photos in their publication, instead choosing to focus on their critically acclaimed long-form journalism, fiction pieces and other quality … Continue reading

National Writing Day: Why I Write

National Writing Day: Why I Write

| Source: Peter Hapak for TIME Magazine / Quote: Dead Poet’s Society | Hey, Writers!   Today is National Writing Day! Why Do You Write? { WHY I WRITE } I write to learn I write to dissent I write to inform … Continue reading

Meeting Russell Westbrook: A Lesson On The Survival Of The Human Race

Meeting Russell Westbrook: A Lesson On The Survival Of The Human Race

By ABRAHAM TORRES Editor CHERYL DIAZ Last week my girlfriend and I took a stroll through UCLA’s Westwood Village and went to Gushi, our favorite teriyaki bowl joint.   As we turned the corner, sitting, waiting for his order, was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Linda Ronstadt

Happy Birthday, Linda Ronstadt

Today is this Mexican girl’s birthday. Olé! I bet she split open her Donald Trump piñata in one swooping swing!     Glenn Frey, of the Eagles, inducts Linda Rondstadt into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Fun Fact: In … Continue reading

Eco-Fashionista, Charlotte Casiraghi, as the Face of Gucci’s First Cosmetic Collection

Eco-Fashionista, Charlotte Casiraghi, as the Face of Gucci’s First Cosmetic Collection

In her fifth publicity venture with Gucci, Charlotte Casiraghi has become the face of the fashion house’s first ever makeup collection, bringing forth glamour and other-worldy beauty like her mother, Princess Caroline, and her grandmother, the iconic Grace Kelly. In case your wondering … … Continue reading

An Open Letter to Kanye West: Dissecting Your Grammy Rage

Dear Kanye, I think the general public doesn’t understand your anger — and they’re confused —  and with that fact that you apologized to Beck last week, I think you are now confused, too. C’mon, two days ago, MTV stated … Continue reading

DJ Roshay’s New Album SOLAR TEAM Shines a Light on a New Day … plus his mad-crazy love for Madeline Kahn!

Los Angeles DJ-songwriter-musician David Roshay definitely agrees with the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the name Madeline. His ethereal and sweetly sensual melody named after the late Madeline Kahn is an endearing tribute to an iconic actress. The Urban Dictionary defines … Continue reading

Oh, Gloria Steinem! Happy 80th Birthday!

You know she comes around here At just about midnight She make ya feel so good. Lord! She make ya feel all right And her name is G-L-O-R-I-A G-L-O-R-I-A (GLORIA) G-L-O-R-I-A (GLORIA) I’m gonna shout it all night (GLORIA) I’m … Continue reading

Vevo MTV lists The Cherie Bomb as a Top Story of the Day

After a tense 24 hours of political divisiveness in the U.S., I thought it called for a bit of chill time, so I combined my passion for my political ideals to the notion that there was also a need for … Continue reading

Guru’s Jazzmatazz: It’s Time To Mellow And Lounge After A 24-Hour Ride On The American Political Roller Coaster

Yesterday was a tense and frustrating day in the United States. Actually, it was more like cra-cra-crazy! The morning awoke the country to the news that the The Supreme Court voided a central part of the Voting Rights Act, a law … Continue reading

A French-Style Revolution In The City of Bell Led By A Modern-Day Joan of Arc

From corruption arises justice. From justice arises revolution. From revolution arises democracy. This is the backdrop from which an unknown local resident — a double Ivy League grad — came home to find herself rising up to meet the overt … Continue reading