Eco-Fashionista, Charlotte Casiraghi, as the Face of Gucci’s First Cosmetic Collection

{ Gucci / Charlotte Casiraghi billboard outside the iconic Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California }

{ Gucci / Charlotte Casiraghi billboard outside the iconic Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, California }

In her fifth publicity venture with Gucci, Charlotte Casiraghi has become the face of the fashion house’s first ever makeup collection, bringing forth glamour and other-worldy beauty like her mother, Princess Caroline, and her grandmother, the iconic Grace Kelly.

In case your wondering … Charlotte’s wearing Intense Lipstick in Iconic Red and Magnetic Color Shadow Mono in Iconic Gold.



The global exposure Charlotte receives from her Gucci Campaign is an impactful coupling because it seamlessly assists to promote her eco-publication and website, Ever Manifesto, a think tank she co-founded, which aims to bring about environmental sustainability by combining creativity, research and interviews to enlighten readers to become conscious consumers, with its main focus on the fashion industry.

“Our aim is to educate and inspire a sense of optimism in how we can all make more environmentally responsible choices and have the influence to transform and protect our world.” EVER MANIFESTO

Unless you’re part of the 1% — meaning you are a member of one of the few remaining tribes on the planet who don’t have contact with the modern world — you and every single person you know wears environment-damaging clothing every day.

But, the average consumer is probably not aware of how much of the synthetic textiles we put on our backs every day (polyester, nylon, rayon, elastane or Lycra) have a major, negative impact on our air and water quality, which trickles upward and effects our health.

Fashion, high or low, from haute couture to Wal Mart’s 2-for-1 special, has a detrimental effect on our environment. 

• The chemicals that are used to bleach and color textiles damage the environment and our health, causing a long list of health issues from hormone imbalances to birth defects to cancer.

• Old clothes, which aren’t bio-degradable, that we throw away not only take up space in landfills, they don’t degrade, and their chemicals and dyes seep into the ground and infiltrate our water.

• Textile machineries cause water and air pollution on a never-ending, 24-hour, daily cycle.

• The working conditions in the textile and clothing industry are of sub-standard and often employ the world’s most vulnerable people — including child workers — in poverty-stricken countries, enabling companies to exploit their employees with inhumane working conditions with no accountability.

• Exploitation and inhumane abuse of animals goes hand-in-hand with intensive farming practices that damage our environment as a whole.

Like Charlotte, we can surely enjoy and take part in the self-expression of fashion and style, but it is our utmost responsibility to be aware and conscious that the choices we make every day in the name of fashion, style and beauty have an impact on the world around us, on our air, on our water and food quality, on the natural and animal world, and on our human family.

Make the right the choice!

Charlotte’s previous “Forever Now” Gucci campaign videos can be found here on The Cherie Bomb 🍒💣 under Fashion & Style section or click on the “pink-links” below.

Charlotte Casiraghi: A Chip off the Grace Kelly Block, the first two Forever Now campaigns

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