Delilah’s Gen Z Music Pick Of The Week: Kali Uchis


. . . “In My Dreams” by Colombian-American songstress Kali Uchis. 

Although it’s rumored the track was given to her by the Gorrillaz, make no mistake, Uchis—armed with a sweet, soulful voice and high octaves that would make Mariah Carey turn her head—makes this track all her own, and it sets her up to be a musical force that will be hard to beat. 

“In My Dreams” is dreamy, genre-spanning, synth summer fantasy with an intro that—if you close your eyes—takes you on a trip that transports you into a John Hughes’ 80s teen movie, and then, suddenly, fast forwards a few decades to place you inside a highly-saturated, primary-colored fantastical universe akin “Little Big Planet”, a wonderland where you’re weightless, jumping around the virtual cosmos, eventually finding yourself plopped into an animated Frida Kahlo “Day of the Dead” stylized wedding reception and singing . . . 

Everything is just wonderful
Here in my dreams, here in my dreams
Every day is a holiday
When you’re living inside your dreams
Why would anyone stay awake
After being so sound asleep
Everything is just wonderful
In my dreams

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