Ease into Monday: Big Wild “Maker”

Ease into Monday with this chillout indie-electronic track that opens your senses to a little daytime dreaming, or sets the perfect melodic atmosphere for your glass of wine at sunset.  Big Wild, producer Jackson Stell crafts lush soundscapes and sweeping … Continue reading

Ease into Monday: “Hopeless Romantic” by Corleone & Dream

Ease into Monday With An Advance Listen on The Cherie Bomb “Hopeless Romantic” by Corleone & Dream Corleone & Dream share amorous, wordless narratives through the eloquent electronics and soaring strings on their upcoming two-track offering, “Better to Have Loved”, … Continue reading

Ease into the Weekend: Fejka “Wanderlust”

With it’s soft, relaxing melody, and dreamy video imagery of California’s Big Sur coastline, Fejka’s “Wanderlust” your new essential weekend track. Continue reading

July 4th Weekend Vibes: Que tal America?

Happy 4th of July!  💥🕺🏽💃🏻💥 Grab your dance parter, and get those disco-samba-bossa-nova moves on by the pool, at the beach, or by the BBQ! Brought to you by the sounds of Belgium’s 70s Disco band “Two Man Sound”, the foundation … Continue reading

Ease into Monday with Plugs: “White Light” (music)

Artwork:  Alden Volney for PLugs Close your eyes and ease into your Monday, feeling the flower-child-hippie-60s-Woodstock vibe with this new track by Plugs.  

The Cherie Bomb Photo of the Day: Empire of the Sun at Sunset Strip Music Festival Summer 2014

The Cherie Bomb Photo of the Day: Empire of the Sun at Sunset Strip Music Festival Summer 2014

“Staring at the Sun” Photo was shot on an iPhone at the Sunset Strip Music Festival on September 21, 2014 in West Hollywood, California during an electrifying performance by the band, Empire of the Sun . For more photography by Rumble … Continue reading

The Cherie Bomb Photo of the Day: “A Walk in L.A.’s First Rain”

The Cherie Bomb Photo of the Day: “A Walk in L.A.’s First Rain”

“A Walk in L.A.’s First Rain (Noir)” Photo was shot on Santa Monica Boulevard during a downpour of rain during the world’s largest Halloween party, The West Hollywood Halloween Carnival, on October 31, 2014 “A Walk in L.A.’s First Rain … Continue reading

DJ Roshay’s New Album SOLAR TEAM Shines a Light on a New Day … plus his mad-crazy love for Madeline Kahn!

Los Angeles DJ-songwriter-musician David Roshay definitely agrees with the Urban Dictionary’s definition of the name Madeline. His ethereal and sweetly sensual melody named after the late Madeline Kahn is an endearing tribute to an iconic actress. The Urban Dictionary defines … Continue reading

Duke Dumont: ‘I Got U’ featuring Jax Jones

What’s The Cherie Bomb’s Best Song of the Year? Uh, it’s only February … but  who cares! This song is gonna be tops all year long. It’s perfect for day parties, beach parties, night parties, birthday parties or whatever kind of party … Continue reading

When Greek Philosophy Meets Music: Living In The Moment With Sojourn Society

2,500 hundred years ago, Greek philosopher Heraclitus said there is nothing in the world that is reliable and unchanging, and there is nothing that we can hold up as a certain, unchanging truth. Unlike Plato, who believed in order for … Continue reading

Britney’s Back : New Track

This is NOT a very good song. The hyper, overuse of auto-tunes crystallizes why Jay Z wrote the hit single D.O.A  (Death of Auto-Tune) … but, in this case — because it’s Brit-Brit — and the lyrics are pretty banging and … Continue reading

Lost Midas: Love Undone

Lost Midas is the stage name and alter ego of Boston-born Jason Trikakis. Before embarking on a solo career, Jason was a member of the popular seven-piece funk/hip-hop fusion band Press Project, which he and his band mates formed in … Continue reading

Best Song of the Summer: Jump Around with Holy Ghost!

Best Song Of The Summer With the line, “This Bodega’s got a club in the basement” you gotta love this song! Ease into Monday with a fun synthpop, post-new wave sound, tinged with some O.G. 80s-ghetto blaster funk. To top … Continue reading

Sons of Versailles: Phoenix with ‘Trying To Be Cool’

Sons of Versailles: Phoenix with ‘Trying To Be Cool’

I’m obsessed with the Château Versailles. I’ve spent a lot of time there. My boyfriend and I have been the last persons on the premises, begging workers for just another minute. I have traversed every inch of its sprawling splendor, … Continue reading

Dharma Protocol: Boy George is Back

Dharma Protocol: Boy George is Back

He’s back in a good way. No bad press. No sad story. Just good music. Dharma Protocol’s newly released dance-house single stands out from the crowd with the still-amazing voice of Boy George in the self-empowerment track ‘Coming Home’.   The … Continue reading

For your listening pleasure: Two dreamy tracks by Say Lou Lou

Ease and breeze into Monday with the new queens of dream pop, Elektra and Miranda Kilbey. This year, the fashionable 21-year-old Australian/Swedish twins have been getting attention and accolades from their heavy yet sweet-voiced dreamy sad songs that say so much. Many a performer has … Continue reading

Kaskade: On Tour in Miami, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles

Check out DJ Kaskade’s just-released track “Atmosphere”: When I was working for 20th Fox Studios, I went to a viewing of The Devil Wears Prada and that’s when I fell in love with Kaskade. His dreamy remix of the David … Continue reading

New House Music: Flight Facilities “I Didn’t Believe” featuring Elizabeth Rose

New House Music: Flight Facilities “I Didn’t Believe” featuring Elizabeth Rose

This grooving track brings about a feeling of time traveling back to the days of disco thanks to the Australian indie electro DJ duo, Flight Facilities, who also perform as Hugo & Jimmy. Once again, kudos goes out to Los Angeles’ KCRW 89.9 music … Continue reading

Lovebirds: That Feelin’ (makes you want to dance)

Lovebirds: That Feelin’ (makes you want to dance)

The incomparable purveyor of the best that music has to offer, Raul Campos, never fails to bring his musically-discriminate nightly radio show listeners the BEST downtempo, dance and house sounds via Los Angeles’s premiere, progressive, intelligent radio station, KCRW 89.9. … Continue reading

Electronic Music Artist Pictureplane’s Track with Stevie Nicks is Magical

Electronic Music Artist Pictureplane’s Track with Stevie Nicks is Magical

When electronic music artist Travis Egedy, who goes by the stage name of Pictureplane, sampled the 1987 Fleetwood Mac song “Seven Wonders”, specifically focusing on the ethereal voice of the legendary gypsy goddess Stevie Nicks, the result was like something out … Continue reading