Women’s History Month: The Women of the Zapatista Movement

NEVERTHELESS SHE PERSISTED Knowledge Drop 💧 Women’s History Month While American women argue about making 76 cents to every dollar that a man makes—while unfair—these Zapatista indigenous women of Chiapas, Mexico fight a racist, theocratic, militaristic state that is hostile … Continue reading

Tonight on PBS: Portrait of a Social Justice Icon Dolores Huerta

Tonight on PBS: Portrait of a Social Justice Icon Dolores Huerta

Tonight on PBS! “Dolores”, the documentary.   Rebel, Feminist, Activist, Champion of the Poor. She will out-stand you at protest. She will out-walk you at a march, and she will out-dance you on the dance floor. When you need a break, she’s … Continue reading

Women’s History Month: Dr. Helen Caldicott

Women’s History Month: Dr. Helen Caldicott

A Woman You Need To Know Dr. Helen Caldicott was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize by Nobel Laureate, Linus Pauling, the Smithsonian Institute named her one of the most influential women of the 20th Century and history will show that her anti-nuclear … Continue reading

Ease Into Monday: “Fly Like An Eagle” With The Steve Miller Band

I want to feed the babies Who can’t get enough to eat I want to shoe the children New shoes on their feet I want to house the people Living in the street Oh, there’s a solution I want to fly … Continue reading

Remember Val the Bartender? She wrote a book about Hillary Clinton—sort of

For the election that never ended, what better way to calm our nerves than with a nice, strong cocktail? What’s the harm? We’re already experiencing a year-long hangover, anyway. And, really, has there been a single day since Trump and … Continue reading

56 Years Ago in the United States: A “Colored” Person Could Be Arrested For Using A “White” Bathroom

Be like Lewis! Always fight the Good Fight. History will be on your side. #GoodTrouble 56 years ago today I was released from Parchman Penitentiary after being arrested in Jackson, MS for using a "white" restroom. #goodtrouble pic.twitter.com/Y6UeilFa5u — John … Continue reading

The Evolution of Bill Maher

June 9th was Bill Maher’s first time back in front of his “Real Time” audience following his use of the n-word the previous week on the show. He used his airtime time wisely. Not only did he sincerely apologize, more importantly, he … Continue reading

First Trump Came for Mexicans, but I Didn’t Speak Up Because I Wasn’t Mexican. Then They Came for Me — and by That Time, No One was Left to Speak Up

I bought this poster at Revolution Books on Durant and Telegraph in Berkeley and I had it on my wall throughout college.  I suppose I was attracted to message because I am a journalist and a writer, so it’s fundamental … Continue reading

Hillary Makes Herstory! This One Is For The Girls!

So, for anyone who’s still in doubt, Hillary was championing women and children when you didn’t think it was a cause, when you weren’t paying attention, when it wasn’t “viral” on social media, or the cause du jour. Remember, integrity is what you do when no one is watching.
Continue reading

Summer Solstice 2016 Enters With A Rare Full Strawberry Moon

A Strawberry Moon floats above the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California, on the 2016 Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year.  This aspect of the Lunar Moon Goddess doesn’t mess around. She’s wants you to remember her name. This year, … Continue reading

Happy Cesar Chavez Day! A Day of Service.

Think Different. Change the World. Cesar Chavez Day.   Through his work, along with fellow labor leader, Dolores Huerta, and the countless others who were part of the United Farm Workers‘ struggle, Cesar Chavez brought international awareness of the unfair wages and … Continue reading

Monday Music: “Can you Feel It?” (Martin Luther King Mix)

MLK DAY 2016 In honor of MLK Day, let us pause and remember the power of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s message.  This deep-house classic from Larry Heard, AKA Mr. Fingers, is a mellow, downtempo mix that’s perfectly infused with MLK’s … Continue reading

Tragedy in Paris: Where to go from here

A Light in the Darkness The French flag over the Seine We have so many grand memories of France and, as such, have felt the effects of last night’s violence in Paris. We have traveled the entire country of France … Continue reading

A Real-Life Hero: Remembering My Uncle On Veteran’s Day

Remembering my uncle, Manuel Diaz, on Veterans Day. Above, Manuel Diaz formally receives his Bronze Star for exemplary Army ground combat at his belated presentation ceremony in Los Alamitos, California, in 2009 — 60 years after it was handed to … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Hearings … and how Jay Z ties it all together

Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi Hearings … and how Jay Z ties it all together

You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulders In case you didn’t get a chance to catch the 11-hour marathon of Republican inquisitors grilling Hillary Clinton on Benghazi, one simple GIF sums it up in a nutshell. The now-iconic “brush … Continue reading

Meeting Russell Westbrook: A Lesson On The Survival Of The Human Race

Meeting Russell Westbrook: A Lesson On The Survival Of The Human Race

By ABRAHAM TORRES Editor CHERYL DIAZ Last week my girlfriend and I took a stroll through UCLA’s Westwood Village and went to Gushi, our favorite teriyaki bowl joint.   As we turned the corner, sitting, waiting for his order, was … Continue reading

The Cherie Bomb Photo of the Day: Giant Thunderhead Cloud Over Los Angeles

The Cherie Bomb Photo of the Day: Giant Thunderhead Cloud Over Los Angeles

  Angelenos — from the the eastside to mid-city to the westside — went a little camera-phone crazy the other day when a giant, other-wordly thunderhead floated above the greater Los Angeles area. Some onlookers reported hearing thunder — hence … Continue reading

Earth Day 2015: A Stunning, Jaw-Dropping, 121 Million-Megapixel Single Shot of Earth

This is THE definitive photograph of planet Earth. A Russian Satellite captures ALL of our planet — in a SINGLE SHOT — ONE stunning, 121 MILLION-MEGAPIXEL shot. See more of these beautiful, massive photos taken by Electro-L, Russia’s latest weather … Continue reading