Women’s History Month: The Women of the Zapatista Movement


My female Zapatista soldier doll, proudly displayed in my living room bookcase.

Knowledge Drop 💧

Women’s History Month

While American women argue about making 76 cents to every dollar that a man makes—while unfair—these Zapatista indigenous women of Chiapas, Mexico fight a racist, theocratic, militaristic state that is hostile to them and their children on a daily basis. Unlike the male soldiers in the The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN), who place all their focus and energy on being a soldier for justice, the women soldiers have three roles: fight as soldiers/care for and feed their babies/fend off rape and abuse in the trenches.

Send these Lionesses positive energy of strength, safety and victory.

Viva EZLN! Vida a la Resistencia! 

Fascists, oppressors shall not pass.

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