Ease into Monday: “Hopeless Romantic” by Corleone & Dream

Ease into Monday

With An Advance Listen on The Cherie Bomb

“Hopeless Romantic” by Corleone & Dream

Corleone & Dream share amorous, wordless narratives through the eloquent electronics and soaring strings on their upcoming two-track offering, “Better to Have Loved”, scheduled for worldwide release on June 14th. Ease into Monday with an early listen to the leading track, “Hopeless Romantic”.

There’s nothing quite like an impassioned violin melody to send the soul rushing back to a familiar well of deep emotion. Corleone & Dream, a downtempo electronica act from California, lay their wistful souls bare on the chilled out relationship post-mortem, “Hopeless Romantic”. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of love that seems just beyond your grasp, this track may tear at your heart a bit even as it soothes it. At times, it’s not clear which musical sentiment will prevail: is it hopeless, or is it romantic?

San Francisco violinist Beau Dream lands squarely on the side of romance. He contends, “I’m romantic; I look for closeness in the farthest reaches, because every time I find it, the sparks light my next steps.”

Light is balanced by darkness in the nostalgic composition, and producer Mo Corleone confesses to having written the track during a heart-wrenching breakup. “I was an emotional disaster during this time and cursing the universe for its cruelty and unfairness. Beau picked up on the agony and laid down a violin response that immediately felt like part of the conversation.”

Eavesdrop on that conversation on Soundcloud for now until the track enjoys a formal release in mid-June, courtesy of Canadian label Biblioteka Records.

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