Ease Into Monday: Violin-Electronica Fusion

If you like the idea of classic violin infused into an eloquent electronic chillout track, “Lost and Found” by Corleone & Dream is for you.

This special collaboration between female producer, Mo Corleone, and transmale violinist, Beau Dream, explores themes of losing love, finding oneself, and growing more resilient through those experiences.

Change is constant, and it offers new opportunities for growth and evolution, but it can also be terribly uncomfortable. Imagine yourself stumbling through a dark and unfamiliar forest, your sense of direction compromised, your faith shaken, your fears heightened. Then try to connect to a sense that something amazing could still be on the other side of the thick tangle of twisted trees.

If you listen closely to “Lost and Found”, you will hear these insistent beliefs questioned, reinforced, and questioned again.

This sentimental downtempo+violin track by California artists, Corleone & Dream, appears on their heartfelt, gorgeously arranged 2-track offering “Better to Have Loved” which was released worldwide by Biblioteka Records on June 14th, 2018.

An advanced listen of “Hopeless Romantic”, a chilled out relationship post-mortem that may tear at your heart a bit even as it soothes it, was released on The Cherie Bomb on June 4.

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