“Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.” — Edna Woolman Chase, Vogue editor-in-chief, 1914-1952

Style is a key component to everything we post on The Cherie Bomb.  Whether we’re writing about fashion, politics or science, or showcasing photography or decor, we do it with a sense of style.  Talent is good, intellect is great, but style will give you that intangible edge over the competition, making you iconic and unforgettable.




It’s a bright, sunny morning. After an 10-hour flight from Seattle, the plane starts to descend into Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Tired and antsy, the passengers are anxious to de-plane. A couple grab each other’s hands and excitedly smile at each other, their wide eyes seemingly squeal, “We’re in Paris!”

The plane comes to a complete stop and the stewardess says, “Welcome to Paris,” as she presses “play” on the plane’s audio system.

As I stretch my arms above me, the dreamy  sound of the Chromatics “Running Up That Hill” slowly grows louder and louder, and it begins to reverberate and pulsate throughout the airplane’s cabin, enveloping everyone in the warmth of its ethereal ambience, and suddenly, it all seems very Parisian.

No, it’s not an Air France policy to welcome its passengers to Paris with a sultry, slow motion EDM song.  This was the doing of a Stewardess with Style, who gave everyone on that flight a unique, lifelong memory of landing in Paris.

Now, I smile every time I press play.



DISCO by @rumbleskout3

“DISCO” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

NOIR by @rumbleskout3

“NOIR” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Cool Breeze by @rumbleskout3

“Cool Breeze” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Ville Franche sur Mer, French Riviera by @rumbleskout3

Ville Franche sur Mer, French Riviera | photo by @RumblesSkout3

Perch Downtown L.A. by @rumbleskout3

“Sitting on a Perch” | Downtown L.A. | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Morrison's Gate by @rumbleskout3

“Morrison’s Gate” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Keep Away From Maleficent by @rumbleskout3

“Keep Away From Maleficent” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Charlotte Casiraghi at The Chateau Marmot by @thecheriebomb

Charlotte Casiraghi at The Chateau Marmont | photo by @thecheriebomb

London in L.A. by @rumbleskout3

“London Rain in L.A.” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

The Year of the Ram, Aries! by @rumbleskout3

“The Year of the Ram: Aries” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Shoot that Poison Arrow through my Heart

“Shoot that Poison Arrow Through My Heart” | photo by @RumbleSkout3 | Photograph taken the day the Supreme Court declared Same-Sex Marriage legal in all 50 states.

Orange Sunset by @rumbleskout3

“There’s a little black spot on the sun today” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Trending Higher: Forever Forward!

“Trending Higher: Forever Forward!” | photo by @RumbleSkout3

Empire of the Sun, Sunset Strip by @rumbleskout3

“Walking on a Dream” | Empire of the Sun, Sunset Strip Music Festival 2014  | photo by @RumblSkout3

Puffer by @rumbleskout3

“Puffer” | photo by @RumbleSkout3 | Cumulus clouds over the Sunset Strip

“Streaking Lights” | photo by @RumbleSkout3 | A View of the Streets of South Park in Downtown L.A. from the 20th Floor of Renaissance Tower

“Rose Sorbet” | photo by The Cherie Bomb

“Sunday Sermon on the Mount of EDM” | photo by @RumbleSkout3 | The late, great KEVIN LEE LIGHT aka Hollywood Jesus, West Hollywood Jesus, WeHo Jesus, Street Jesus