Earth Day 2015: A Stunning, Jaw-Dropping, 121 Million-Megapixel Single Shot of Earth

An Earth

This is THE definitive photograph of planet Earth. A Russian Satellite captures ALL of our planet — in a SINGLE SHOT — ONE stunning, 121 MILLION-MEGAPIXEL shot. See more of these beautiful, massive photos taken by Electro-L, Russia’s latest weather satellite, on the Daily Mail.

Earth Day is currently making its way across Europe: Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Moscow and more are taking a stand for our planet!

For those in the United States, Mexico and South America and many more countries on this side of the planet, nightfall has yet to come, so make sure to be part of the global movement to recognize the immediate and imperative need to respect our planet to ensure the future of human beings and animal life on earth.

 Show your children the importance of cherishing our planet by turning off the lights @ 8:30 pm for 1 hour!

Take a moment in honor of Earth Day,  and watch this inspiring video commentary by Carl Sagan and let your heart  be opened wide & in awe of our place on the pale blue dot that gave life to every human being that ever existed … that gives life to you right now, this minute, as you read this … and that will … in all great hope … give life to many more generations of people to come.


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