Walter Cronkite’s and Peter Jenning’s Yellow Journalism Nightmare

We, the People, must Resist yellow journalism. We, the People, must know the difference. And, it is our responsibility to seek out the truth because only the truth will keep us Free.

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The Changing of the Guard: Women taking a page out of Playboy’s playbook

Last week The Economist published (along with the rest of the world) an article about Playboy magazine’s decision to end nude photos in their publication, instead choosing to focus on their critically acclaimed long-form journalism, fiction pieces and other quality … Continue reading

National Writing Day: Why I Write

National Writing Day: Why I Write

| Source: Peter Hapak for TIME Magazine /¬†Quote: Dead Poet’s Society | Hey, Writers!   Today is¬†National Writing Day! Why Do You Write? { WHY I WRITE } I write to learn I write to dissent I write to inform … Continue reading