Happy Birthday, Linda Ronstadt

Today is this Mexican girl’s birthday. Olé!

Linda Maria Ronstadt

Linda Maria Ronstadt

I bet she split open her Donald Trump piñata in one swooping swing!


Glenn Frey, of the Eagles, inducts Linda Rondstadt into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

Fun Fact: In 1971, Linda hired Glenn Frey and Don Henley to be part of her back-up band. Later, Frey and Henley were afraid to tell her they wanted to embark on a solo career. To their surprise, Linda encouraged them and did everything in her power to get them a record deal and helped them form The Eagles … so next time you hum along to “Hotel California”, you can thank Linda.

Sadly, Linda has lost her angelic voice to Parkinson’s disease and wasn’t able to perform at the award show, so some of the best female voices in music, including living legends Bonnie Raitt, Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks, gathered to pay tribute to Linda by beautifully performing some of her greatest hits.

Below, The Mexican Heritage Foundation and CreaTV’s, Ysabel Duron, interviews Linda — along with the legendary, iconic, feminist leader of the United Farm Workers, Dolores Huerta — about Mariachi music, Mexican tradition, and Soldaderas, the female soldiers who went into combat alongside men during the Mexican Revolution.

Linda says of Mariachi music,

If there’s anything I did in my whole career … that’s the thing I’m most proud of: I made people feel proud that they’re Mexican.”

 Linda’s sings “Y Andale”


These days, Linda’s latest interviews tend to focus on raising awareness of Parkinson’s disease rather than her illustrious singing career. Here, she tells audiences what her life is like now.

The Cherie Bomb will end this Rondstadt birthday tribute with two of her all-time classics.

“Blue Bayou” and “When Will I Be Loved”


… and a note to Donald Trump. Unlike your ugly, racist stereotypes of the Mexican people, we are quite the opposite, with two mayors of Los Angeles, we are lawyers, doctors, movie studio executives, professors, Congresswomen, poets, writers, journalists, bloggers, political activists, professional athletes, renowned DJs, producers, actors, artists, dancers … and now a Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer.

As the Sleeping Giant of the voter pool, you can be rest assured that our response to Trump 2016 is “You are Fired!”  


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Linda Ronstadt

  1. Happy BirthdayFeliz Cumpleaños, Linda!!!

    I had the pleasure to see her sing on her 60th Birthday. She sang my two most favorites…Blue Bayou and Ooo Baby Baby….

    “It was so easy to fall in love” that night…


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