Ease Into Monday: WonderLust “I Said Maybe”

Ease into Monday with a new downtempo track by The Wonderlust, a duo from the Bay Area, who will get you back into the work week with the soothing sounds of guitar strings and slow, ambient electronic beats. 

One half of the California duo, Mo Corleone says, “I am the production half, and my roots are in the underground dance music scene in the greater San Francisco area. I’ve been a professional DJ for well over a decade, playing everywhere from Oakland to Port-au-Prince. The other half of The Wonderlust is David Shakiban (aka “Shak”), an exceptionally talented improvisational guitarist as well as a graphic artist and mosaic artist.”



She adds, “We met through what I can best describe as a secret society in the Bay Area that has been organizing quarterly all-night dance events focused on spiritual exploration and movement. We were both getting booked semi-regularly to perform at these events, so we were bound to cross paths, and eventually we started a project to perform at one of them together. That collaboration led to about an album’s worth of songs by the end of 2015, and you can hear a recording of the live rendition here.


The theme for that 2015 event was “Wonder”, and that was the genesis of the band that became The Wonderlust. Corleone says, “Both Shak and I are big dreamers, driven by creative engines, and constantly opening ourselves up to experiences that result in a feeling of being simultaneously wowed and humbled. That is what’s at the heart of “Wonderlust” — this thirst for life…to really give it to you…and then we complete the cycle of positive reinforcement by giving it right back. I think it’s an amazing gift to have Wonderlust as a personality trait, and the fact that Shak and I both bring it to our work is likely part of the magic that makes our musical experiments successful.”

Now sit back and take it easy with “I Said Maybe”.


Follow Wonderlust on: Soundcloud

Follow Mo Corleone on: Soundcloud or her website at MoCorleone.com

Follow David Shakiban on: Soundcloud or his website at Shakiban.com


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