Ease into Monday: The Wonderlust New Downtempo EP “Playground”

Artwork by David Shakiban, guitarist, The Wonderlust

A new EP from the Bay Area downtempo duo, The Wonderlust, is dropping April 13, but you can hear it here first—and it will ease you into Monday like no other. 

The four tracks on “Playground”—”No Parachute”, “Terminator”, Scheherezade”, and “Makes You Wonder”—are not your run-of-the-mill downtempo songs. Instead, The Wonderlust gives the listener something unique and fresh: a fusion of downtempo and lounge mixed with chic soft-rock and electro easy listening.

Lionel Richie and his piano keys had his fans feeling “Easy Like Sunday Morning” in the 70s. In 2018, The Wonderlust updates that now-classic music idiom and has their fans sliding into the workweek with an Easy Like Monday Morning feeling with feathery, sultry guitar sounds and electronic chillout beats.

Mo Corleone, the DJ and production half of the duo, gives The Cherie Bomb readers an in-depth background to their new LP.

“The 4-track offering was created around themes of childlike wonder, play, delight, and exploration. The aptly titled “Playground” EP features an original digital collage by The Wonderlust’s guitarist David Shakiban as album art. The young child depicted in the artwork is at play in a world that is part nature and part fantasy. This concept of “both/and” (as opposed to either/or) serves as a creative guidepost for the band, as evidenced by the fusion of rowdy electric guitar with tight, snappy downtempo beats. The EP is a potent and unconventional journey in deep chillout, appealing just as easily to fans of progressive rock as those of trip hop, and it achieves this by combining the best ideas from multiple genres rather than choosing between them.

These are electronic instrumentals worth putting on repeat. 

Now, sit back, close your eyes and take it easy with latest from The Wonderlust. 

Follow Wonderlust on: Soundcloud

Follow Mo Corleone on: Soundcloud or her website at MoCorleone.com

Follow David Shakiban on: Soundcloud or his website at Shakiban.com


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