Is There Such A Thing As Affordable Luxury? Yes, At! Plus, Free Shipping!

Cutie Pie Mason, the daughter of’s founder & designer, Liz Moore, is holding a hand- painted goatskin gem, embossed with a beautiful neem leaf pattern.

 Priced at $16-$21, this Neem Clutch will light up anyone’s holiday.

{The hand-painted, goatskin Neem Clutch comes in a rainbow of colors}

I have the Lattice Cosmetic Bag in red, the Neem Clutch in fuchsia and the cute small-sized clutch in purple, and I absolutely love them all. The versatility of the bags is what makes them so special. You can use them to organize your makeup in your home or in your purse — or you can use them at dinner or at cocktails with the girls after work when you don’t want to lug around your usual day bag.

{Fuchsia Neem Clutch, small Orange Neem Clutch & Red Tassel Key Ring shown on Blue Balenciaga Bag}

{Fuchsia Neem Clutch, small orange Neem Clutch & red Tassel Key Ring, shown on blue Balenciaga bag}

The bigger bags measure 6″x 8″, while the small clutch measures in at 4″ x 8″, but the main difference between the two bags is the lattice-print bag has a waterproof nylon lining, while the Neem Clutch has a cotton lining that could get stained from cosmetics.

{Bright Yellow Neem Clutch + Green, Fuchsia, Turquoise & Red Lattice Print Cosmetic Bags}

{Bright yellow Neem Clutch + Lattice Cosmetic Bags in green, fuchsia, turquoise & red}

{Fuchsia Tassel Key Ring & Orange and Purple Neem Clutches, shown with green J. Crew Bag}

{Fuchsia Tassel Key Ring & small purple Neem Clutch & large orange clutch, shown with green J. Crew Bag}

Receiving or gifting a scarf is a holiday standard,

but this isn’t the itchy red plaid one that grandma gives …

Blithe’s $35 breezy scarves come in an array of the company’s hand-blocked Indian textiles, and the bright colors make a great contrast to winter’s usual dark-colored tops, sweaters and coats. I think I’ll tuck one into my Michael Kors tan trench coat.

{Blithe scarves are lengthy and made with soft 100% voile cotton}

So far, I love all of my bohemian chic Blithe products. My turquoise Neem Print Pajamas are perfect for late-morning lounging on the weekends with a hot latte and newspaper in hand.

Instead of paying $68 for bottoms only at Anthroplogie, you can get the same look, feel and quality at Blithe, plus you get both the top and bottom set for the same price as Anthro!

{Gorgeous Indian hand-block Neem Print PJ’s in turquoise}

Instead of using run of the mill screen-printing techniques like other manufactures, Blithe offers you a luxurious artisan-made, hand-block print that is designed by Liz, which she says ensures that each Blithe garment is an individual piece of art.

In case you’re wondering what hand-block printing is — I was, too — It’s a ancient, traditional and meticulous textile craft from the 17th century, centered in Sanganer, India.

To hand block, intricately hand carved blocks are dipped into dye and pressed onto the fabric block by block. The process of washing, hueing and drying is fascinating, and you can read more here if you’re interested.

{Ancient hand blocking technique}

{Blithe’s own neem pattern wood block with turquoise dye}

The pajamas are made with soft and airy 100% cotton voile, with a comfy drawstring waist on the pants, and cute colored whipstitch, hand-sewn embroidery around the neckline and sleeves of the breezy tunic tops.

With all of these extra special details, these pj’s are what I call “understated-elegant”, and they make the perfect gift — even if it’s a gift to yourself.

{Whipstitch, hand-sewn embroidery on Pink Neem PJ}

The Neem Print Loungers come in shades of pink, turquoise or purple. Below is beautiful design in rich purple with pink dahlias. And, if you prefer a nightgown, Blithe offers a tunic that is essentially the top you see here, elongated to the knee, and available in all of the prints mentioned.

Need perfect stocking stuffers, or several girly gifts,

but don’t want to break the bank?

How about a practical, yet utterly adorable, Envelope ID/Card Holder?

For $12.50, you cannot go wrong.

I have one in fuchsia, and it’s so perfect for evenings when you only have small cocktail bag with room for a few credits cards and a lipstick. Coach, Kate Spade and Marc Jacobs have some really cute versions, too, but from $60-80, you’re better off buying 3 or 4 of these cuties and passing them out as gifts. You can bet this gift will not go unused and will last your giftee — or you —for years to come!

{Leather Envelope ID/Card Holder is $12.50}

{Use as ID/Credit Card Holder by night or Business Card Holder by day}

Know someone who loves to cook & bake? Here are your gifts!

{Ultimate Girly Aprons are $30}

{Blithe Oven Mitts sold in pairs for $28}

{Blithe manages to make dish towels beautiful & chic}

These aprons and oven mitts exude cuteness! I’m the world’s worst cook — my boyfriend doesn’t even like my toast — but these Blithe aprons could have me in a cooking class tomorrow just so I could have an excuse to use them!  In addition to pretty dish towels, Blithe also makes napkins and tablecloths in similar textiles to further beautify & chic-out your kitchen space.

Boho-Chic Warmth & Coziness for the Home

{This $56 Baby Quilt is 43″ x 43″ — Perfect to throw over your lap or on top of your bed. It also comes in turquoise}

{Blue Leaf or Turquoise Indian Textile Cushion is $39}

Everybody has keys . . .

But not everyone has an adorable statement key ring!

For under $20, this is a unique and unexpected little gift.

{Green, Orange & Turquoise Tassel Key Rings. Small Neem Clutch in Orange & Lattice Cosmetic Bags in Green, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Red}

{The Blithe Tassel Key Rings in green, orange and turquoise, shown with the Lattice Cosmetic Bags}

For $18, this is a sweet little morsel that your giftee will be complemented on every day.

I discovered Blithe’s Leather Tassel Key Ring this past summer when I was writing about perusing for a Hermès Carmen tassel key holder. Blithe’s lovely version comes in green, orange, turquoise, red and fuchsia. However, I can’t even recommend a color — because I love them all! I’m currently carrying the fuchsia and turquoise, but it won’t be long until I have green, orange and red! 


If you like what you see, go to and get some goodies!

You will receive FREE SHIPPING on all purchases made with the promotion code “The Cherie Bomb” until 12/14/2012! 

Your UPS ground package will arrive in time for holidays with . . .

Orders submitted by 11:59 pm. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on Friday, 12/14/2012!


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