Lily Collins: Leather Biker Coat

Lily Collins: Leather Biker Coat

Biker jackets are all the rage, but a great alternative to the ubiquitous, short leather version is Lily Collins’ sleek, wool & leather, thigh-length coat. I’m not sure what label Lily is wearing, but it’s undoubtedly couture, considering she’s in … Continue reading

Is There Such A Thing As Affordable Luxury? Yes, At! Plus, Free Shipping!

Cutie Pie Mason, the daughter of’s founder & designer, Liz Moore, is holding a hand- painted goatskin gem, embossed with a beautiful neem leaf pattern.  Priced at $16-$21, this Neem Clutch will light up anyone’s holiday. I have the Lattice Cosmetic … Continue reading

The Hermès Carmen, her little sister Carmencita . . . and her look-alike cousins

We’ve all gone through the sigh-inducing experience of coming across that perfect dress, bag, pair of shoes or divine accessory that stops you in your tracks, forces your eyes to zero in and glaze over as you start to imagine … Continue reading