Street Party Celebration: Halloween 2012

Rihanna: Queen of the Night

The largest Halloween street party in the world happens in my teeny-tiny city: West Hollywood. In an area sandwiched west of Hollywood and east of Beverly Hills, each year, 500,000 people invade this hip and trendy 1.9 mile city to parade up and down Santa Monica Boulevard to revel and share their creative, extravagant creations. Considering I can jog from one end of the city to the other in 10 minutes, adding a half a million people to our population of 35,000 makes for a REALLYSUPERTIGHTFIT!

The carnaval featured three entertainment stages: The Hotel of Horrors, The Dungeon of Sin and Thrills and Chills. In addition, there were three DJ stages for dancing. In the poetic words of Snoop Dogg, “The party didn’t stop till 6 in the morn!” … literally!

Yes, Rihanna’s Halloween private affair at Greystone Manor might have seemed like it was the party to attend in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, but I guarantee that the annual street carnaval was 100 times better!

Here you can enjoy a visual extravaganza!

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All black & white photos © copyright and courtesy of Rumble Skout 3 Productions.

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