Ease Into The Weekend with “So Clear” by Kraak & Smaak | Music

After (yet another) week of stress, insanity, violence —and now a death— under trump, most Americans are feeling worn out and overwhelmed. Humans don’t work well under constant fight-or-flight response. If we want to continue The Resistance, we must to take a collective breath, clear our minds, and reset our bearings.

Below is a perfectly titled, downtempo, super chilled, nudisco dance track “So Clear” by Kraak & Smaak, featuring Meeka Kates, to help you unwind for the weekend.

Let’s dedicate the good vibes in this song to Heather Heyer, who lost her young life, at 32, and Deandre Harris, who was beaten with metal pipes by white supremacists, while standing up to hate—as well as all the other Resisters who were hurt in Charlottesville this past week.


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