WCW: Hillary Clinton becomes Lady Liberty in flowing pastel blue

Mother America—voted Most Popular 2016 and Queen of The Resistance—channels the essence of Lady Liberty in flowy, feminine, pastel blue, with shimmering powder blue shoes to match.

“Liberty Enlightening the World”

Even Hillary’s arm in the air reminds us of our revered Lady in the Harbor, with her torch raised high, lighting the way to freedom and showing us the path to Liberty.

Liberty is a Woman—at least in art.

Classical images of Liberty are nearly always represented as a woman, so, in these troubled  times, let us, women, be reminded that we must be vigilant, informed and engaged members of The Resistance—and stand up with our proverbial torches raised high to do our part to stop the current threat to democracy, freedom and liberty.

“Resist, insist, persist, enlist!

Onward together!”

~ Hillary Clinton

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