Elizabeth Taylor: What She Taught Us About How To Live

drink and lipstick

Elizabeth Taylor passed away in 2011, but she is surely not forgotten. Today, she would have been 82 years old.

When she was asked what she wanted on her tombstone, she said she wanted two words:

She lived!

Well, live she did, and we sure had fun watching.

3. elizabeth taylor hat habituallychic

Elizabeth Taylor Life Quote


Be a Queen

wpid-elizabeth-taylor-top-tenz-cleopatraNeferTaylor, Elizabeth (Cleopatra Set)0BG_Elizabeth_Taylor_cape_worn_for_iconic_scenes_in_Cleopatra

GO Shopping!

go shop Big Diamonds

A song may have been written about Bette Davis’ eyes, but Elizabeth’s were the real gems, so be bold with the eyeliner!

ImageResizerelizabeth-taylor-cleopatra-1 elizabeth-taylor4 tumblr_m5834hvhWE1rvve6mo1_1280Elizabeth-Taylor-elizabeth-taylor-4457481-317-448 Elizabeth-Taylor

Have Fun and Be Cool

elizabeth_taylor_like_lindsay_lohan elizbeth-taylor-on-location roddy-mcdowall-pic-liz-on-set-cleo

With David Bowie

With David Bowie

With James Dean on the set of Giant

With James Dean on the set of Giant

Celebrate getting older!

Throw a party and dance the night away with a guy who looks like Richard Burton

Elizabeth and Richard Burton dancing at her 50th birthday party at London's nightclub Legends in 1982

Dancing at her 50th birthday party at London’s nightclub Legends in 1982 with Richard Burton

… and, remember, life is short, so don’t be afraid to flip the bird when warranted!

Elizabeth Taylor flipping off Elizabeth-Taylor-takes-no-crap tumblr_m6pk9bJsoj1qd42iyo1_500

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