The Powerful Meaning of President Obama’s Swearing-In Today

The day after America re-elected President Barack Obama,

political commentator & television host Rachel Maddow

perfectly summed up the meaning of it all,

what was at stake, and what was saved,

and why it was so important for the country to defeat the extremists on the right:

Listen to Rachel: “Why the Election of 2012 Mattered

ObamaCrowd_155686874 USA-CAMPAIGN-Pic-Reuters

  • We’re not going to have a supreme court that will overturn Roe versus Wade.
  • There will be no more Antonio Scalias and Samuel Alitos added to this court.
  • We’re not going to repeal health reform.
  • Nobody is going to kill medicare and make old people in this generation — or any other generation — fight it out on the open market to try to get health insurance.
  • We are not going to do that.
  • We are not going to give a 20% tax cut to millionaires and billionaires and expect programs like food stamps and kid’s insurance to cover the cost of that tax cut.
  • We’ll not make you clear it with your boss if you want to get birth control under the insurance plan that you’re on.
  • We are not going to redefine rape.
  • We are not going to amend the United States constitution to stop gay people from getting married.
  • We are not going to double Guantanamo.
  • We are not eliminating the Department of Energy or the Department of Education or Housing at the federal level.
  • We are not going to spend $2 trillion on the military that the military does not want.
  • We are not scaling back on student loans because the country’s new plan is that you should borrow money from your parents.
  • We are not vetoing the Dream Act.
  • We are not self-deporting.
  • We are not letting Detroit go bankrupt.
  • We are not starting a trade war with China on Inauguration Day in January.
  • We are not going to have, as a president, a man who once led a mob of friends to run down a scared, gay kid, to hold him down and forcibly cut his hair off with a pair of scissors while that kid cried and screamed for help and there was no apology, not ever.
  • We are not going to have a Secretary of State John Bolton.
  • We are not bringing Dick Cheney back.
  • We are not going to have a foreign policy shop stocked with architects of the Iraq War.

We are not going to do it. 

We had the chance to do that if we wanted to do that, as a country.  And we said NO. 

Wow, what a POWERFUL summation from Rachel! 

I voted

With that resounding NO on November 6, 2012, today at 11:55 a.m., on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, President Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term and America will progress and move forward, not backward and downward.

With that, President Obama, in an unscripted, sentimental, candid moment, stopped to look back at the jubilant crowds who gathered in his honor. 

I want to look out one more time,” the President said to someone near him, “because I’m not going to see this again.”


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