Where Jazz Meets Rap: MF DOOM “Rhymes Like Dimes” Will Ease You Into The Weekend

Slowin’ it down.

MF DOOM sampled Quincy Jones/James Ingram “One Hundred Ways” into his now-underground classic “Rhymes Like Dimes” and created a jazz-meets-rap masterpiece.

Eight years ago, an audiophile friend gifted my boyfriend with the album “Operation Doomsday“.  Today, our main playlist is never without a few tracks from this seminal album.

Born in 1971, Daniel Dumile—half-Trinidadian, half-Zimbabwean, London-born, New York-bred—these multi-cultural hyphenates make up the enigmatic recording artist MF DOOM.  He’s been on the hip hop scene for 20 years, but you probably aren’t familiar with his work, or his face, because he performs incognito, often in metal masks—and he was doing it long before Daft Punk.

“Only in America could you find a way to make a healthy buck
And still keep your attitude on self-destruct.”

With a cult following, this underground hip hop poet is a gifted artist who compiles unique, thought-provoking lyrics and couples them with a melodic, smooth jazz sound that will take you farther on your runs, inspire your writing and ideas, or add a warm ambience to your next kickback.

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