Happy 70th Birthday, Dolly Parton!

Dolly Parton 1977 (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Dolly Parton 1977 (Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage)

Happy 70th Birthday, Dolly Parton! 

Girls with Dimples

are Destined to

Rule the World!

Dolly Parton 1970s Dimples 2


When you’re Dolly Parton, EDM DJ’s remix your country music for clubs.

When you’re Dolly Parton, the security guards at England’s Glastonbury Festival break into dance when you hit the stage.

Glastonbury is a festival for Rock and Pop, and sometimes Hip Hop, but when you’re Dolly Parton…

Independent, Dolly at Glastonbury

Sorry, Mick.

With Mick Jagger, 1977.

With Mick Jagger, 1977.

And you put the record-breaking TV ratings in your back pocket for good measure.


When you’re Dolly Parton, you already lived out Jay Z‘s line “I’m in the hall already. I’m on the wall already. I’m a work of art. I’m Warhol already,” … 40 years ago. 


Photo credit: International Business Times


Andy Warhol, “Portrait of Dolly Parton”, Christie’s Auction, May 2012

When you’re Dolly Parton, you inspire girls and women all over the world to follow their big dreams and never give up.


… and to look good while doing it.

Nashville. 1976 | Photo credit: Harry Benson

Nashville. 1976 | Photo credit: Harry Benson

Whatever it means to you,

Dolly’s message is:

Go Big, or Go Home.

Dolly Big Hair

Dolly told People magazine, “…there are some golden rules in life: “Be true to yourself. You need to know what you will and won’t put up with, and what you’re willing to sacrifice. A desire, a wish and a dream are different things, and you’ve gotta figure out those little differences. Everybody wishes that they were rich or famous, but that’s not necessarily going to happen if you don’t have the spunk to make it happen. You gotta work your dreams; you gotta put legs and arms and arms and wings on them!”

“The key to my success has always been that my desire to succeed has always been greater than my fear. I’ve been scared to death about a lot of things, but then I think, ‘Okay, you gotta buckle up, girl. You’ve got yourself here, so get out there and just do it.’ 

Big Dreams Dolly

Got confidence, ladies?

When you’re Dolly Parton,

age means nothing. 

It just means bigger, stronger, better.

“I will never be over.”


When you forget you were in Dolly Parton’s fan club when you were eight years old, and grow up to live a few blocks away from her L.A. crash pad, you see this once in a while…

Dolly's Tour Bus

Dolly’s Tour Bus, November 2015

It must be kismet.

I will always love you, Dolly Parton!







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