Dream Couch: Missoni Bohemian Sofa

1. roche-bobois-mah-jong-modular-sofa-2



This chic Morrocan-style modular couch made me stop in my tracks. How could it not?

West Hollywood is a fabulous city to live, work and play, especially because all the latest stylish-goodness is jammed-packed into its tiny 1.9 mile radius.  It’s easy to come across unique, stand-out pieces like the Roche Bobois Mah Jong Sofa on your daily stroll to pick up your morning latte.

|Rolling in Style|

This couch — if you have the square footage — can have you rolling in some serious style. Depending on your space, and your personal taste, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire…but, this gem can run up to $30K! Eeek! One piece is about $3,500.

Though its price range is out of reach for many, these enchanting pieces nevertheless inspire and give ideas to anyone who is looking for a boho-chic decor.

|Designed in the ’70s by Hans Hopfer|

The Mah-Jong sofa was first designed in the ’70s by Hans Hopfer for Roche Bobois in Paris. Now in its eighth edition, Hopfer presents his timeless lounger in new, bright and colorful Missoni Home fabrics with, of course, hand-sewn cushions.

Roche Bobois, the French company with Bauhaus roots, is known for its low-slung Hans Hopfer sectionals, but the showroom also has some other out-of-this-world furniture that you won’t see anywhere else.

|The following three photos were taken at the Roche Bobois showroom @ the 8850 Beverly Boulevard location|

IMAG0203 IMAG0205 IMAG0206

|Below are stock photos of this uber-stylish furniture art|

2. roche-bobois-mah-jong-modular-sofa-3 3.roche Bobois 4. Roche-Bobois-PURPLE 5. Roche-Bobois Gray Wood floors 6. Roche Bobois balck floors sectional-sofas 7. Mah_Jong_Missoni 3 8. Roche Pink mah_jong 9. Mahjong-Silk Screen Pillow 10. Mahjong-Modern-Fun Loft 11. Miss Prints Roche-Bobois-Missoni-sofa

Call the Roche Bobois showroom

at (310) 274-6520 for questions.


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