Street Style: The Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Look

This polished chic chick is even rocking the closed-toe pointy pumps that are quintessential CBK.

This polished chic chick is even rocking the closed-toe pointy pumps that are quintessential CBK.

Are we still doing this in 2013? Writing about Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s style? Oh, yes. In fact, just like all the books about “What Would Buddha Do” (WWBD) and “What Would Jesus Do” (WWJD) for moral dilemmas, we need a “What Would Carolyn Do” for fashionphiles. How do you like this acronym, WWCBKD?

CBK is an eternal style icon whose name will only cease to be mentioned if fashion goes out of style.

Carolyn sadly passed away at just 33 years old in 1999. She barely grew out of her 20s, so we don’t really know how her style would have evolved. A safe bet is that her fashion would have stayed well-labled and classic-but-on-trend. She would have definitely sat next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week several times, but there is also a likelihood that she very well could be wearing a street style outfit like the one above: All black with a neutral bag, and —  gasp!  —  a splash of bright color to break it up. Yep, that’s right, a pair of green mirrored aviators because it’s 2013, after all, and she would want to shake things up a bit to blow your fashion mind.

Don’t think so? Bright green Ray Bans too flashy for CBK? Remember: one of her most sought after and well-remembered looks was a bright red coat. When she did color, she went bold and bright.

Carolyn in her red Prada 1997 coat

Carolyn died in a plane crash over the ocean near Martha's Vineyard with her husband, John F. Kennedy, Jr., and her sister Lauren Bessette,  in July 1999. 

Carolyn, photographed by Bruce Weber for her Vanity Fair cover and 10-page portfolio in 1999.

Street style and color aside, let’s take a look back at Carolyn’s actual favorite color: noir 🖤

Even in jeans and button-up ... it's all black

Even in jeans and straightforward button-up … it’s all black

CBK Black Coat + Scarf CBK black beanie CBK Suit CBK Black Rain Coat CBK apple CBK Mirabelle London CPK Opera CBK strapless dresscarolyn bessette at calvin klein 5In black with Kate Moss and Jennifer Anistoncarolyn bessette at calvin klein 4The necklace! That necklace!article-2459726-18BD7A1E00000578-674_634x499The never-to-be-repeated Jean-Paul Gaultier clamshell necklace Carolyn wore to the 1999 Correspondents’ Dinner has become so singularly iconic that producers of the 2012 TBS TV movie “America’s Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story,” tried (and failed) to recreate it (below) for Portia de Rossi. naTVAMERICASPRINCE__t640As fate would have it, in this now-sad Shakespearean story, de Rossi first met Carolyn at the 1999 Correspondents’ Dinner.

In all black and a string of pearls. the couple leaving their engagement party, held at Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg’s Park Ave. apartment.


Still a naysayer about the idea that Carolyn would be wearing bright green Ray Ban aviators for her splash of color in 2013?

She Did This …


Black Tights With White Strappy Heels

(I dare you to do black tights with white strappy heels! I dare you!)


The only “color” is a gray skirt and her famous  tortoiseshell headband.

(J. Crew has a similar headband on their shelves from time to time.)cbk-jfk-jr-ny-restaurant1Sleek and Chic cbk-v-neck-dress-coat cbk-jfk-walkingAnd they walked into the sunset of forever, but we will never forget.

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