photo credit: @rumbleskout3

Photo credit: @rumbleskout3


Welcome! I’m Cheryl Diaz, the founder and editor-in-chief of The Cherie Bomb, an online magazine focusing on original stories that showcase unique and progressive insights on culture, society and politics, while featuring cutting-edge articles about science, music, fashion, style and decor.

As a UC Berkeley alum, with degrees in women’s studies and journalism, my passions are writing, politics, and women’s and girls’ rights, especially in developing countries, and how politics affect women and girls. My writing about these issues attempt to inform and engage the public into embracing the advocacy for female rights and equality, and social justice, in general.


“Content is King”.  Whether you’re a large corporation, a publication, a small business, or a personal brand, high-quality, descriptive, engaging, original content is the key to edge your brand out in front of the competition. I am the writer who will provide you with that writing.

The best place to hide a dead body is Google’s page 2

—nobody ever looks there.

In fact, page 1 Google searches enjoy 93% of all search traffic. Coders use tricks and hacks to get their client’s short-lived top slots on Google, but I call myself a Word Coder because I use writing—my words—to get Google’s Artificial Intelligence “Rank Brain” algorithm to index my content on their first page search. Google has indexed my writing at #2—just one slot below #1 Vogue—and above the Madison Avenue journalistic juggernauts Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Wall Street Journal, Elle, Town & Country, and Huffington Post when writing about the same topic.

Each day, Google experiences 5 billion searches, and with 505 million active blogs and 4 million blog posts per day vying for a Google first-page ranking, my 2013 article remained steady at #2, sandwiched between Vogue and Vanity Fair, for 5 years.

Running my own writing and editing service has led me to write for law, real estate and design professionals in Los Angeles whose clients include LeBron James, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Paul Marciano of Guess, and ultra-luxury real estate developer, Mohamed Hadid (father to supermodels Gigi and Bella). 

Although I am an independent contractor, I am the lead copywriter for Identity LA, a branding agency, whose clients include the Los Angeles Lakers, Dodgers, Clippers, Kings, Ford Motor Company, Jack Daniels, and more—and I am always open to working with new clients.

My specialty as a copywriter is to construct a distinctive, polished brand image for my clients that will expand their visibility and online presence in their respective markets. 


Writing, editing, copywriting, marketing, PR, ad or sales copy, speeches, social media or website content, blog posts, newsletters, creative or corporate biographies, and more.  

Email for rates: thecheriebomb@yahoo.com 


I am an experienced journalist, editor, copywriter, essayist (newspaper, magazine, on-air political news radio reporter), with additional experience in politics and the entertainment industry (movie studio + television). 

As a journalist, I wrote long-form magazine feature stories, hard news and investigative journalism, and I reported live on local and geo-political news for the KPFK 90.7 evening news radio broadcast in Los Angeles.

Fresh out of college, I edited Hillary Clinton’s weekly column for the  syndication company, Creator’s Syndicate, in Los Angeles. Soon after, I jumped headfirst into politics, working with local, national and international political leaders, with a specific focus on the status of women and girls in Los Angeles, and partnering with the Department of State to host heads of state, international journalists, activists and other public figures for roundtable discussions on women’s status around the world. My time working on the 20th Century Fox movie studio lot gave me an inside look at the inner-workings of the entertainment industry, while working side by side with the some of the most influential and talented people in the business. 


All of my career experiences have helped color and expand my worldview, giving me an informed and dynamic understanding of our shared global society that you see reflected on The Cherie Bomb. But as the saying goes, in life, we always return to our first love. For me, my first love is writing.

Many thanks to all of the readers from around the world who’ve taken the time to view The Cherie Bomb. Every time I look at the globe tracker, I’m floored. I love to hear your feedback.

Please feel free to email submissions or suggestions about articles on politics, music or artwork that you feel would be a good fit with The Cherie Bomb.


photo credit: @rumbleskout3

Leading by Example

Three iconic women, who exemplify the Sisterhood of what feminism is supposed to be: an unwavering support of other women. They didn’t flinch or hesitate to help me when I asked. Fellow women, let’s follow their lead and always say “yes!” when another woman asks you for help.

With the social justice icon, Dolores Huerta. Watch the documentary “Dolores”! 

With legendary actress, Lily Tomlin. (Watch Grace and Frankie with Lily & Jane Fonda!) Photo credit: @Rumbleskout3/Abraham Torres

2019: Nevertheless She Persisted! Photo credit: Elizabeth Warren for President Staff

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  1. Hi! Loved the post on the Hermes Carmen and her look a like cousins. If you do giveaways or want to partner in some way to give some of Blithe’s fun tassel key chains to your followers please contact me. Thank you!


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