Breaking News! The GOP has died.

Daily News GOP RIP


The “Party of No” has died.

The cause of death is an overdose of Donald Trump. 





Goodbye, Republican party.

You made your casket, now lie in it.

You divided the country by sewing hate and racism against President Obama, you exercised total congressional obstruction, you shutdown the government of the United States of America in defiance over Obamacare — you demanded that millions of uninsured Americans NOT receive health care.

The S&P downgraded the U.S. AAA credit rating for the FIRST TIME in history because of GOP instability, costing the American taxpayers billions.

You deny a global consensus of scientists that Climate Change is real.  You flirted with treason by trying to undermine the Iran nuclear deal by writing a letter to Iranian lawmakers — PhDs from UC Berkeley, MIT and George Washington University — embarrassing yourselves and the nation when THEY schooled YOU on your disgraceful ignorance of the United States Constitution, with American-educated Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif—calling it an “unprecedented” attempt to sabotage diplomacy. 

You voted not to extend emergency unemployment benefits to Americans-in-need at Christmastime during The Great Recession, many of whom lost their cars and homes when their benefits were cut. 


You are currently — and unprecedentedly — refusing to fill a Supreme Court vacancy.  Senator Mitch McConnell, Kentucky, has made it abundantly clear that he won’t allow the Senate to even consider a nominee in the final year of Obama’s term — no hearings, no vote, not even a courtesy meeting.


On the night of President Obama’s inauguration, author Robert Draper, (“Do Not Ask What Good We Do: Inside the U.S. House of Representatives”), writes how top Republicans held a secret meeting where they schemed to bring the new President down, to obstruct anything he proposed, to make things so insurmountable for him that he would be a one-term president. 


Free lunches

You regularly vote against assistance for veterans, children and the elderly.  In April, 2016, House Republicans quietly tried to ax a 2010 school nutrition bill that provides students in high-poverty schools with free lunches.  


ryanquoteYou relentlessly continue your War on Women, shoving aside important public policy to sit around with other men and have THE REAL Vagina Monologues.  One of your main concerns is to restrict women’s reproductive rights and come up with sickening ideas like trans-vaginal probes and ways to “re-define” rape, meanwhile, leaving millions of low-income women without desperately needed gender-related health care —  mammograms and cervical cancer exams — by slashing funding and access to clinics that focus on women’s health.


C’mon, Ms. Clinton —there is no mystery about why these guys focus on women.  The GOP and other extremists are obsessed with the V-word — the Vagina — because they fear the power of women’s sexuality, and they will do anything they can to keep it under their absolute control, even rendering the utterance of the word “Vagina” out loud to be obscene, a dirty word and “offensive.”

They don’t want women to embrace their bodies or their sexuality because they might go rogue like rapper Awkwafina and start chanting, “My vag is 50 times better than a penis!”

They are not “pro-life”, either.  They don’t care about fetuses or babies.  If they did, they wouldn’t try to take away a low-income, hungry 5-year-old’s free school lunch.  

They scream the need for less government regulation, but they want total regulation of women’s bodies.  They let the government shutdown because they’re too busy shutting down Planned Parenthood clinics, trying to block access to birth control, so they can keep women powerless, barefoot and pregnant.

Alas, this week, the GOP is been pacing around in circles, stumbling and mumbling, as their “Grand Ole Party” is highjacked by The Village Idiot and the KKK.

They’re loud death knell keeps ringing beyond Trump.  The “now-acceptable” Hillary Clinton keeps getting punched in the proverbial face by Uncle Bernie.  This week, Sanders won Indiana in an unflattering upset to Hillary Clinton, sending a strong message to the American people that this guy might just take it all the way to the convention.  The 150-year old political magazine, The Nation, just re-endorsed him! 

Polls tell us Sanders will make Trump Feel the Bern in a general election in way Hillary could never dream of.  Sanders could very well be this generation’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt if he contests Clinton and wins.  FDR’s New Deal 3 Rs —Relief, Recovery, and Reform — could be right around the corner (Relief for the unemployed and poor, Recovery of the economy to normal levels, and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression).  Then all “the walls” will come tumbling down, and we’ll have a government for — gasp! — THE PEOPLE! 

Nevertheless, when Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee Tuesday night, Republican-Twitter declared “I’m With Her” and exploded with a newfound love for “their girl” ‪#‎RepublicansForHillary‬ … and with THAT three-word hashtag, the old guards of the GOP looked at their loyal party members with fake John-Boehner-tears in their eyes, and said, “Really? You’re with HEREt tu, Brutus? Et tu?” and the GOP casket was locked up and sealed for eternity.



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